Falcon 900, 2000, 7X : EASy II Upgrade

November 2013

The EASy II is both a hardware and software upgrade accomplished through an EASy II baseline Service Bulletin (SB) that is a prerequisite to several other very important optional SBs, including FANS 1/A. A complete list is below. This upgrade enhances your Falcon by improving safety and situational awareness, communication, navigation and surveillance capabilities.

Best Equipped = Best Served

If you have plans to fly the oceanic routes around the world anytime soon, you need to give EASy II serious consideration, as it is required to become FANS 1/A compliant. And FANS 1/A aircraft are getting moved to the front of the line. Many international airports are beginning to adopt the “Best Equipped, Best Served” policy. It is not uncommon to hear of an aircraft having to sit on the runway waiting for clearance to take-off as other better-equipped aircraft are allowed to leave before them.

Plan Ahead

When planning for the EASy II upgrade, you can expect to wait a very long time for Honeywell parts and equipment. The more lead time you can allow, the better. It will make the difference between getting the upgrade when you want it done and having until wait to an undetermined date in the future.

EASy II is not a cookie cutter upgrade. Each aircraft will have its own set of requirements depending on the status of several SBs, as well as what avionics configuration and equipment are currently installed on the aircraft. For this reason, the quoting process is quite involved. To provide the most accurate and complete quote possible, Duncan Aviation created a simple form that all customers complete. This form provides all the required information and keeps the process moving forward.

EASy II Baseline Service Bulletin includes

  • Take Off and Go Around mode
  • Improved display symbology
  • Pentium M processors
  • SmartRunway (RAAS)

Optional Service Bulletins

  • FANS 1/A+
  • ADS-B Out (DO-260B compliant)
  • Smart View Synthetic Vision System
  • Automatic Descent Mode (available on F900 and F7X) 
  • Dual charts  
  • XM Satellite Radio graphical weather (available only within the continental United States)

If you are considering or have any questions about whether this upgrade is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact me or aDuncan Aviation Avionics Installations expert. We will answer all your questions and work with you to create a plan that fits your needs and your schedule.