Learjet: It May Not Be Required, But Do it Anyway— Post Paint P-Static

March 2015

As all Learjet operators should be aware by now, the Chapter 5 requirement for complying with a P-Static test after complete paint has been removed. However, it is still listed in the "Exterior Paint" section of Chapter 20.

If your chosen paint facility is using the applicable AMM Chapter 20, the P-Static test is required. If they are using their own FAA-approved paint process, such as we do at Duncan Aviation, the P-Static test is not required.

In either case I STRONGLY recommend you request the P-Static check to be performed after a complete paint. The benefit to this is if an area does not pass, the facility painting the aircraft can correct the issue at that time.

Common P-Static Failure Areas

The usual suspects of failure during a P-Static check are any composite/ nonmetallic panels that require an anti-static coating. These are not the only panels that may fail, just the most common seen at Duncan Aviation.