Safran Starter Generator Installation on Learjet 60* Aircraft

November 2015

Duncan Aviation and Safran are working together with Learjet to validate the Safran Starter Generator Installation STC on the Learjet 60 aircraft. Duncan Aviation is the only authorized distributor of this STC.

Customer Benefits of Safran SG in IPC

  • Units may be covered under Smart Parts
  • Learjet is working toward aligning the Brush Wear Inspection with the existing airframe and /or engine inspections.

One issue that is delaying this validation process is the lack of reporting of the findings of the 500 hour. brush wear inspection back to Duncan Aviation. This is required per the STC purchase agreement on the single starter generator installation; however it is not required on the dual installation.

The gathering of this wear data is critical to this effort.

The following is the data we are after:

  • Aircraft S/N:
  • Generator S/N(s):
  • Generator Times since new (installation)
  • Generator Cycles or Landings since new (installation)
  • Brush Length by serial number
  • Measurement date

If you have a Safran Starter Generator, please report your Brush Wear Inspection findings back to Duncan Aviation.

Please report this information to:

Bob Tooker

Dave Schiver

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries


Dave Schiver Airframe Tech Rep Challenger, Global, Learjet Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.479.1680

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