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Service Bulletin No. 505-32-0014 for Embraer 505 (Phenom 300) Landing Gear

May 2015

This SB was released on November 17, 2014, with regard to the MLG locking actuator and specifically, the camber angle alteration and nut. Although the RH/LH MLG locking actuator (PN2117-3000-405) and nut (PN MS14145L16) are relatively small parts, they're significant when it comes to the life of the tires on your Embraer 505 (Phenom 300) landing gear.

The specification the nut was manufactured to is untested as to the fatigue, and it may not correlate positively to the life of the actuator. Further, the current length of the actuator causes camber in the tire, which causes abnormal and premature wear.

Just a 9mm adjustment to the length puts the tire in correct contact with the runway surface and greatly increases the life of the tires.

Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Nebraska, and Battle Creek, Michigan, facilities are able to replace this part for you free of charge through November 17, 2016. Our turn time on the actuators is as little as two days.

Contact me to schedule a replacement for your Phenom 300 or for more information.


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