Got a crack in your APU Exhaust Support? Don’t Replace It. Repair It.

March 2017

APU Exhaust Duct Weld Repair-2There have been a number of reported instances of cracked Honeywell APU Exhaust Supports, part number: 7083019-1 or GA4453-0009, on Bombardier Global aircraft. All were discovered to be approximately the same length and in the same location, at 9 o’clock along the deflector close to the flange. This technical issue has been raised and discussed during a Bombardier Global Express Advisory Committee meeting.

In a Coordination Memo issued on March 3, 2016, Honeywell provides a recommended weld repair giving operators the option of repairing the assembly instead of replacing it.  

Duncan Aviation Certified Welding Services

Duncan Aviation has AWS D17.1 certified welders and inspectors on-site, all capable of welding all types of materials for aerospace applications.

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