BendixKing Autopilot/Flight Director: KC190, 191, 192-15 Capabilities

July 2018

BendixKing KC190-15

The BendixKing KC190, 191, 192-15 computers are a direct replacement for the -02, -03 units and are able to run a 14V/28V system. In addition to repair capabilities, we are also able to produce the adapter modules for this autopilot system specific to aircraft type. These come in a two or three axis type configuration and are primarily used in smaller private aircraft.

These systems are installed on Beechcraft, Bonanzas, Caravans, Cessnas, Mooney, and Pipers

Duncan Aviation is a BendixKing service partner authorized to repair, overhaul and sell BendixKing components.

For more information or to schedule service, contact a Duncan Aviation Customer Account Rep.

Dan Magnus Avionics Tech Rep Lincoln, NE (LNK)
+1 402.479.4217

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