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King Air: 6-Year or 8,000 Cycle Landing Gear Inspection

July 2022

Inspection or Overhaul

Beechcraft Special Inspection for several landing gear components are currently set at six years or 8,000 cycles. The inspection requires these components to be disassembled and checked for cracks, wear, and corrosion.

What Exactly Does This Mean?

Hawker Beechcraft Model Communiqué 2005-02 defines the 6-year / 8,000 cycle inspection requirement as an inspection, not an overhaul.

It has been our experience at Duncan Aviation when performing this inspection of early model King Airs that there is often corrosion. In some cases, we have found severe corrosion leading to costly repairs and parts replacement. 

Landing Gear Modifications & Repairs

There are several modifications and repairs that can be performed on the landing gear, especially the earlier models.

  1. To terminate the requirements of AD 2004-23-02, a modified fork can be installed.
  2. To terminate the requirements of AD 2002-01-10, modified torque links can be installed.
  3. Hawker Beechcraft Model Communiqué 2006-02 provides for replacement of Aeroshell 17 Grease with improved Aeroshell 33MS, because Aeroshell 17 is no longer being produced.

We recognize that many operators prefer to accomplish the 6-year inspection only. In fact, we have introduced a reduced flat-rate guaranteed pricing for this inspection. However, when various modifications and repairs are needed, and the additional corrosion resistance of new products can be implemented, we recommend you give serious consideration to having the landing gear overhauled and upgraded versus inspection only.

The cost savings by reducing daily maintenance needs, or continually replacing piece parts during the inspections, just might be beneficial.

For more information regarding King Air gear inspections or to obtain Duncan Aviation’s reduced King Air gear inspection guaranteed pricing, contact: 

Tim Fidler, Component Accessories Business Development Manager, +1 316.243.6352 or via email at Tim.Fidler@DuncanAviation.com.

Sarah Warner, Landing Gear Service Sales Rep, at +1 402-470-4543 or via email at Sarah.Warner@DuncanAviation.com.


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