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Challenger 300: Recommended ECU Update For Honeywell HTF7000 Engines

May 2022


Bombardier and Honeywell Aerospace have released corresponding SBs (Service Bulletins) 100-72-01 and SB AS907-76-9031, and they apply to all Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft equipped with Honeywell HTF7000 (AS907-1-1A) engines. These SBs will be completed at no charge to the operator if taken to a Honeywell Authorized AS907 Service Center, such as Duncan Aviation. They require the aircraft to be in fully functional, operating order; the aircraft cannot be partially dismantled for maintenance or inspections.

These service bulletins do not apply to the Challenger 350 or HT7350 (AS907-2-1A) engines.

Honeywell’s SB AS907-76-9031 upgrades the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software from V10B to V11B. It also changes the part number from PN 2119576-1011 to PN 2119576-1013, and includes a new, physically attached nameplate updated with the new part number.

The new software addresses the susceptibility to engine surge during takeoff climb out if a significant temperature inversion exists that was identified and classified as a safety issue. There are many other updates included, and you can find them in the SB document.

Honeywell has categorized this as a CAT 1 SAFETY SB and recommends it be completed at your next scheduled engine or airframe maintenance but no later than November 27, 2023.

If not previously complied with, SB AS907-76-9021 should be completed at the same time. This SB applies sealant to prevent water from entering the ECU.

If you have questions about Service Bulletin AS907-76-9031, call Shawn Schmitz, Engine Tech Rep, at +1 402.730.8767 or email: Shawn.Schmitz@DuncanAviation.com.

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