20 Students Earn Karen K. Duncan Scholarship

LINCOLN, NEB. —  Supporting local communities is one of Duncan Aviation's core values. One way the company invests in its communities is through the children of its team members. Each year, Duncan Aviation advances the futures of 20 students through the Karen K. Duncan Scholarship program.

Each scholarship winner will receive up to $4,000 for his or her college education—$1,000 a semester for up to two years. 

An independent committee reviewed applicants' essays and assigned point values to them. Students also earned points for academic achievement, leadership, citizenship, career goals and extracurricular activities.

The following students from local communities will receive scholarships totaling $80,000:

Battle Creek, Mich.

Kathryn Shaffer, daughter of Donald and Valerie Shaffer

Kathryn will study biology at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Mich. She hopes to translate her degree into a job that interests her and allows her the ability to make a difference. While attending Barry County Christian School, Kathryn participated in band, performing arts, basketball, soccer and tech club.

Leah Snyder, daughter of Steve and Lori Snyder

While Leah isn't certain where she wants to go to school, she is set on becoming a nurse to help people. She also wants to expand her music skills by taking piano lessons. While attending Calhoun Christian School, Leah participated in several clubs and volunteered within the local community.

Garland, Neb.

Morgan Doehring, daughter of Chad and Stacey Doehring

Morgan will attend Doane College to earn her education degree with a minor in psychology. After spending several years in the classroom as a teacher, Morgan would like to return to the student role to earn a master's degree, prepping her for the role of high school counselor. Morgan was incredibly active during her time at Seward High School, holding leadership positions for a variety of clubs and participating in both volleyball and basketball.

Ashlee Lennemann, daughter of Brad and Amy Lennemann

Ashlee will start her college career at Southeast Community College, earning credits for several core classes she'll transfer to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to earn her teaching degree. While attending Seward High School, Ashlee participated in Key Club, Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), track and field, cross country, Future Farmers of America (FFA), student council, dance and cheer.

Lincoln, Neb.

Cole Brady, son of Bruce and Annette Brady

Cole has two loves: music and science. As a child, he proudly announced he wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon. A few years and physics classes later, Cole is deciding whether he should major in astronomy or astrophysics during his time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While attending Lincoln North Star High School, Cole played in the masonic and jazz bands, which included several school musical performances.

Peri Cuppens, daughter of Joep and Valerie Cuppens

Peri is still deciding which university she wants to attend. As for a field of study, she's gravitating toward history and international relations, but Peri has a hard time doing just one thing. If you look at her list of school activities, you'll see everything from soccer to orchestra to speech. Variety is the spice of life, and Peri strives to experience it all.

Dallas Drapal, son of Craig and Kimberly

Dallas will study mechanical engineering at either the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or Nebraska Wesleyan University. During his time at Lincoln East High School, Dallas dedicated time to the school's orchestra, cross country, basketball, as well as track and field. Outside of the classroom, Dallas earned the title of Eagle Scout, and participated in several mission trips.

Lauren Kirkland, daughter of Jack and Sandy Kirkland

Lauren is passionate about nature and hopes to improve the lives of wild animals, hence why she chose to study biology at the University of Puget Sound with a plan to explore marine biology. Lauren was heavily involved in the music scene at Lincoln Northeast High School. She participated in the women's show choir, concert choir and several musicals.

Joshua Leymaster, son of Kenneth and Barbara Leymaster

Joshua will study biology at Hillsdale College in Michigan. This degree will set him up for a graduate degree in physical therapy, which he hopes to earn through the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  While attending Lincoln Lutheran High School, Joshua participated in choir, football, basketball, baseball and National Honor Society.

Erik Pawlowski, son of Mark and Kristi Pawlowski

Erik will attend the University of Arizona in Tucson to study linguistics. His love for other cultures and languages started early in life. He's even studied abroad in both Spain and France during high school. Erik was a member of a variety of clubs at Lincoln Southwest High School, including Key Club, Silverhawks Helping Other Silverhawks and many others.

Kayla Prater, daughter of James and Patricia Prater

Kayla will travel to Ohio for school at Cedarville University. Her ultimate goal is to become a pharmacist, so she'll spend eight years working toward a Ph.D. Kayla was heavily involved in the music scene at Lincoln Southeast High School. She played on the marching band, in the orchestra and was even part of the school musical.

Eric Ullman, son of Allen and Kristin Ullman

Eric will attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall to study mechanical engineering. Eric's interest in cars spurred this career choice as he'll learn not just engineering, but physics and materials science, too. Music is also a big part of Eric's life. While attending Lincoln Southwest High School, he participated in marching, concert, jazz, ambience and resonance bands.

Malcolm, Neb.

Marissa Fuchser, daughter of John and Marna Fuchser

Marissa wants to study art at either Judson University in Illinois or Concordia University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. When Marissa wasn't focusing on her love of art or academics, she played softball and piano while perfecting her archery skills.

Milford, Neb.

Caleb Burkey, son of Barry and Lisa Burkey

Caleb will spend the next two years earning a computer programming degree from Southeast Community College. This path pairs well with his hobby of building phone applications. During his high school career, Caleb participated in concert, pep and marching bands. He also spent extra time on the court playing basketball, as well as in the classroom as a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) member.

Cara Houk, daughter of Tony and Shelly Houk

Cara will attend Concordia University to earn a degree in communications with a minor in youth ministries. This education will help her achieve her youth leader career goal. While attending Milford High School, Cara participated in volleyball, Key Club, FFA, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

Paw Paw, Mich.

Cameron Stauffer, son of Jared and Kimberly Stauffer

Cameron has a very personal reason for starting a nursing program at Kalamazoo Valley Community College this fall. His brother spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals because of his failing kidneys. That experience has led Cameron to want to specialize in pediatrics. His also spent a lot of his high school career volunteering in the nursery at church and helping people through mission trips.

Pleasant Dale, Neb.

Bailey Sweeney, daughter of Dennis and Raquel Sweeney

Bailey will attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha next fall to study French, as well as international studies. She will obtain real world experience by studying abroad during her four years and would like to go on to earn a master's degree, hoping to secure a career with Burberry, the French fashion company. While attending Milford High School, Bailey participated in a wide variety of clubs and played softball, basketball, as well as ran track.

Richland, Mich.

Nicholas Busby, son of Shawn and Jill Busby

Nicholas will start earning college credits at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and transfer to Grand Valley State University where he'll earn a degree in secondary education, focusing on history and physical education—two of his passions. While attending Gull Lake High School, Nicholas spent most every season at practice and games, balancing cross country, basketball, track and football. During his down time, he participated in several mission trips.

Seward, Neb.

Adam Caler, son of Eric and Maria Caler

Adam is still deciding whether he wants to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney or Doane College, but he is certain he wants to study athletic training. He's already starting his education with an internship this summer. Combine that with his personal athletic experience playing football, as well as baseball at Seward High School, and Adam will be one well-rounded athletic trainer.

Valparaiso, Neb.

Elizabeth Homes, daughter of Daniel and Deanne Homes

Elizabeth will major in civil or chemical engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her love of advanced math pushed her toward the engineering field. She plans on seeking out a co-op while attending school to ensure she has some real world experience before graduating. While attending Bishop Neumann, Elizabeth participated in softball, cheerleading, student council and National Honor Society.

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