Duncan Aviation Paint Team Applies Unique Paint Scheme to European Aircraft

LINCOLN, NEB — Duncan Aviation team members go to great lengths to find the best solutions for business aircraft operators, whether they’re AOG or in for scheduled maintenance. While each employee brings a number of years of experience to the table, our team projects are truly exceptional.

At least 75 team members contributed to a European long-range business jet’s head-turning paint scheme during the five weeks it spent at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility. Those team members spent nearly 2,500 hours ensuring every square inch of this creative and detailed paint scheme was applied perfectly. Those hours are backed by hundreds of years of experience spent crafting a skill that relies heavily on intuition. The result was, in a word, breathtaking. 

As soon as Duncan Aviation’s paint team saw the renderings of the custom scheme they were asked to apply to one of the largest aircraft the facility’s paint hangar has ever housed, the hallways bustled with excitement. The design boasted countless lines swirling around the fuselage to create a psychedelic three-dimensional image. The job required talent, patience and attention-to-detail few paint technicians possess. And the project needed more than one paint team—they needed everyone on board.

In the past, Duncan Aviation’s paint shop has delivered everything from digital camouflage to vintage-inspired plaid jets, but they had never done anything this complicated on this scale. In fact, no one on the team had ever seen anything like it.

“You can imagine what it’s like to detail an aircraft of this size with that many lines,” said Project Manager Craig Boesch. “I would walk by the paint bay and return eight hours later and see the same guy in approximately the same spot, but then I looked at what he was doing—the detail, the exactness—and I realized he was moving fast.”

Because the team was uncertain how long the process would take, the paint department gave the customer a rough estimate of five weeks and the aircraft was delivered within a few days of the projected out-date.

“When taking on a project like this, even with all the hours put in and sacrifices made, the paint team is motivated and inspired by the result each time,” says Doug Bohac, Duncan Aviation’s Paint Shop Manager.  “It’s such a transformation, and that’s what keeps us coming back, day in and day out.”

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