Duncan Aviation News http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/ Most Recent Duncan Aviation News en-US Wed, 17 Jul 2024 20:30:10 CDT Russ Haugen Named Manager of Duncan Aviation MRO Rapid Response Teams <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce the appointment of long-time team member Russ Haugen as the Manager of the company&rsquo;s MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) Airframe RRTs (Rapid Response Teams). These teams are based out of Duncan Aviation&rsquo;s MRO facilities... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/russ-haugen-named-manager-of-duncan-aviation-mro-rapid-response-teams Wed, 26 Jun 2024 08:30:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/russ-haugen-named-manager-of-duncan-aviation-mro-rapid-response-teams Duncan Aviation Publishes Straight Talk Book About Navigating a Private Jet Acquisition or Sale <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation knows the process of buying or selling a business aircraft is a complex undertaking requiring expertise to ensure a maximum return on investment. Purchasers must assess numerous factors to determine the best aircraft for their budget and mission, considering ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-publishes-straight-talk-book-about-navigating-a-private-jet-acquisition-or-sale Tue, 18 Jun 2024 13:45:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-publishes-straight-talk-book-about-navigating-a-private-jet-acquisition-or-sale Duncan Aviation Completes Large, Multi-Shop Project on Falcon 50 <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is excited to showcase a Falcon 50 that was refurbished at their full-service maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. The aircraft arrived in need of paint and maintenance due to corrosion and other age-related issues that needed to ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-completes-large-multi-shop-project-on-falcon-50 Wed, 29 May 2024 10:45:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-completes-large-multi-shop-project-on-falcon-50 Duncan Aviation Unveils Eye-Catching Company-Owned Pilatus PC-12 <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is excited to share its newest company-owned aircraft, a Pilatus PC-12 that its artisans brought to life with interior and exterior designs that represent the passion Duncan Aviation Board of Directors Chairman Todd Duncan has for fishing and the ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-unveils-eye-catching-company-owned-pilatus-pc-12 Wed, 22 May 2024 12:45:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-unveils-eye-catching-company-owned-pilatus-pc-12 Duncan Aviation’s Leah Alexander is the First IADA-Certified Aircraft Sales Broker In EMEA Region <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that Leah Alexander, a member of the company&rsquo;s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team,&nbsp;was the first Certified Aircraft Sales Broker from the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) in the entire Europe, Middle East, ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-s-leah-alexander-is-the-first-iada-certified-aircraft-sales-broker-in-emea-region Wed, 22 May 2024 12:30:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-s-leah-alexander-is-the-first-iada-certified-aircraft-sales-broker-in-emea-region Duncan Aviation’s Ann Pollard Named IADA-Certified Aircraft Sales Broker <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that Ann Pollard, a member of the company&rsquo;s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team, recently earned recognition as a Certified Aircraft Sales Broker from the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). Currently, there are ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-s-ann-pollard-named-iada-certified-aircraft-sales-broker Tue, 21 May 2024 15:30:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-s-ann-pollard-named-iada-certified-aircraft-sales-broker ATP Codie Sharpe Joins Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Sales Team <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that Codie Sharpe has joined the Avionics Sales team at the company&rsquo;s facility in Provo, Utah. Sharpe has been a long-time aviation enthusiast and joins the Duncan Aviation team after obtaining her Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/atp-codie-sharpe-joins-duncan-aviation-s-avionics-sales-team Wed, 15 May 2024 13:00:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/atp-codie-sharpe-joins-duncan-aviation-s-avionics-sales-team Duncan Aviation Delivers Complete CL-3500 Paint <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is excited to announce the company has delivered its first complete CL-3500 paint job from its full-service maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.</p> <p>Duncan Aviation Project Manager Doyle Garrett explained that all the aircraft ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-delivers-complete-cl-3500-paint Wed, 15 May 2024 12:45:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/duncan-aviation-delivers-complete-cl-3500-paint Tim Barber Named Spear’s Top Recommended Aviation Advisor <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash; Duncan Aviation is proud to announce that Tim Barber, EMEA Aircraft Sales &amp; Acquisitions, has been featured among the top private client advisors in the 2024 Spear&rsquo;s 500 Lifestyle Index. Spear&rsquo;s Magazine produces an annual listing of the very best advisors in... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/tim-barber-named-spear-s-top-recommended-aviation-advisor Tue, 14 May 2024 14:30:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/tim-barber-named-spear-s-top-recommended-aviation-advisor 20 Students Earn 2024 Karen K. Duncan Scholarship <p>LINCOLN, NEB. &mdash;&nbsp; Supporting local communities is one of Duncan Aviation&rsquo;s core values. One way the company invests in its communities is through the children of its team members. For 26 years, Duncan Aviation has advanced the futures of students through the Karen K. Duncan ... http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/20-students-earn-2024-karen-k-duncan-scholarship Thu, 09 May 2024 08:45:00 CDT http://www.duncanaviation.aero/news/20-students-earn-2024-karen-k-duncan-scholarship