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Straight Talk About Satcom & HSD

Aircraft communication and data capabilities are changing quickly. The airborne telephone technology that has been in use over the last several decades has evolved significantly and additional changes continue to occur at a rapid-fire pace.

Aircraft cabin communications systems are available at higher speeds and offer better coverage. Voice telephones and high-speed data systems, including Internet and other data transfers, are available via satellite and broadband networks. Domestic U.S. and international coverage is available. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and wireless cabin networks are also a possibility.

With the continued development of FANS 1/A, safety voice services provide the capability to allow ATC to communicate with the aircraft through an Iridium or Inmarsat satcom. Unlike a traditional satcom phone system, safety voice services would be integrated with the pilot and copilot’s headset allowing for ease of use. While this system is not currently supported, safety services over Inmarsat/Iridium are inevitable.

Keeping up with these frequent product and service changes is like tracking an ever-moving target. Finding the perfect marriage of form and function is paramount to a successful aircraft communications investment. Consequently, many do not feel confident in choosing the best solution for their aircraft. This booklet, Satcom & HSD, is Duncan Aviation’s response to that need.

Duncan Aviation’s mission is to be your source for aviation answers and solutions. This booklet gives you access to basic aircraft communication information. It is designed to provide easy-to-understand information and answer operators’ most basic questions. We cannot cover everything, though, so please contact us to discuss systems that fit your exact requirements.

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