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Duncan Aviation Internship Opportunities

A common question we get is, “Do you hire students fresh out of college?” Our answer: “YES!” Duncan Aviation provides a number of career paths that are right for all experience levels.

Our recruiting team makes regular stops at many 2- and 4-year colleges across the US to share information on current and future openings. Interested in learning more? Check out our current college events schedule on this page. Don’t see an event at your school? Reach out to our recruiting department. Remember to visit our careers page to view our most current openings.


Our internship offerings are designed to stretch and grow students and provide an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real world activities. Interested in an internship with Duncan Aviation? Buckle up; you’re going to work hard! These are no staple-removing jobs; these are real experiences designed to hone your knowledge and skills!

Summer and year-round internships are offered throughout the organization. Below are a few departments where internship opportunities are offered:

  • Airframe
  • Avionics Install
  • Engineering
  • Interior

What’s in it for you?

Aside from working alongside and learning from the best in the industry, we make sure our interns receive some perks, too. These include the following:

  • On-site Fitness Center
  • Teamwork-focused work environment
  • Participation in volunteerism events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Temporary housing assistance (as qualified)

Internship opportunities are typically posted on our careers page or will be made available through your school’s career services department or program chair. Don’t see an internship posted, or want to get ahead of the game? Email our Recruiting Department to learn more about upcoming internship opportunities or use the sign up form on this page to receive notifications when opportunities become available.

Careers in Business Aviation

Interested in pursuing a career in aviation? Don't forget about the career opportunities waiting for you in Business Aviation! Business aviation contributes to more than $150 billion to the economy each year and provides a wide variety of career opportunities, to include: maintenance technicians, project managers, flight department managers, pilots, schedulers, flight attendants, ground support specialists and design specialists, to name a few. Check out these resources to learn more.


Interested in earning a paycheck while you learn? Check out our Maintenance Apprentice Program.

As a Maintenance Apprentice, you will receive on-the-job training and formal education to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to earn the FAA Airframe or Powerplant certification. Through the apprenticeship, you will work alongside experienced Aircraft Technicians who will help you perform daily technical tasks as you complete supplemental training through classroom and lab work. The goal of the program is for each apprentice to develop into a well-rounded and competent Maintenance Technician.

Apprenticeship FAQs

How long is the apprenticeship?
2 years, consisting of on-the-job training and related instruction.

How much does it cost to be an apprentice?
You are not charged tuition to be an apprentice! Duncan Aviation will cover the cost of the certification testing, along with study materials and access to on-line prep software. Apprentices are expected to buy a base set of tools, which you can buy through Duncan Aviation’s tool account with a no-interest bearing loan you can pay over the two-year period.

Do I receive compensation as an Apprentice?
Yes! You are considered a full-time, regular employee of Duncan Aviation and will receive an hourly wage during your apprenticeship. You will also receive pay increases as you move through milestones of the two-year apprentice program.

Am I eligible for benefits?
Yes! As a full-time, regular employee you are eligible to partake in any of the benefits offered by Duncan Aviation. Check out all of our available benefits to learn more.

I’m interested! Where do I apply?
View our current openings and search for "Apprenticeship" to find current opportunities and to submit an application. Don’t see an apprenticeship opportunity? Email our Recruiting Department to get more information on upcoming postings.

Duncan Aviation’s Airframe Technician Apprentice program is registered with the US Department of Labor. To learn more, email our Recruiting Department.
Career Resources

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