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Internships Provide Growth Through Leaps and Bounds


“Being only 19, this internship has given me a real insight into which direction I want to go with my degree and was a great introduction to how a large company is run.”
-Mason Minchow, Professional Development Intern

An internship at Duncan Aviation is more than just another job. It is a way to gain experience in the industry, network, learn, and prepare for the future.In 2021, we welcomed a total of 32 interns to our three full-service facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska; Battle Creek, Michigan; and Provo, Utah. Each year we offer summer internships that allow students the opportunity to learn more about the company and explore possible career paths.

Interns are treated like any other new hire. They attend orientation to receive a solid understanding of the company and culture. They are placed on teams, paired with a mentor, and given actual projects to work on. By pairing the interns with experienced technicians, they get a chance to build relationships and learn at a deeper level than any school can provide.

Now that 2021 summer internships have wrapped up, let’s see what some of our interns had to say.

Crystal Castaneda

“My internship in the Airframe department at Duncan Aviation lasted eight weeks, in which I learned an abundant amount of information on Gulfstream aircraft. I learned how to navigate through maintenance manuals, and learned how much support a company can offer to their team members. I did not pass by a single individual without a “good morning” or “hello” greeting. Everyone I talked to had something positive to say about the company, and I learned a variety of things from my fellow technicians as they were always willing to answer all my questions. This internship gave me the chance to get hands-on experience on turbine aircraft.”

Kollin Goff

“In my time as a Video Intern at Duncan Aviation, I learned a lot about how to act as a professional and how to communicate effectively with teams across the entire campus. I loved my time at Duncan Aviation, and the people were at the center of that experience. My favorite part of the internship was working on the creative process for the videos I worked on. I had the creative freedom to do what I wanted!”

Grant Japp

“I was an intern with the NDT team in Lincoln, Nebraska. I learned quite a bit that I can use when I go back to school. Everybody at Duncan Aviation was always willing to help when I didn’t understand or couldn’t find a part, whether they were in NDT or not. The internship really helped me open my eyes to the field and what to expect. The highlight was actually getting to work on my own and gaining the confidence to do it by myself. Duncan Aviation overall was an amazing experience.”

Elijah Melloy

“I was an intern at the Battle Creek, Michigan, facility on the Airframe team. I learned how to be an efficient employee while ensuring that my work is of high quality. The team I was on was amazing, and consisted of so much knowledge that I could simply not absorb it all. Duncan Aviation has taught me how to operate safely and efficiently within the aviation industry by allowing me to work alongside some of the most talented and knowledgeable people in the industry. Interning at Duncan Aviation helped me apply the information from my schooling into invaluable first-hand experience, allowing me to return to school this fall semester leaps and bounds ahead of my fellow peers.”

Mason Minchow

“I am an intern in the Professional Development department at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility. Throughout my internship, I learned that when working on large projects, communication is the key to success. Working with fellow Duncan Aviation coworkers has been my favorite part of the internship. The culture is truly something special, and I have loved getting to know so many people across the company. Being only 19, this internship has given me a real insight into which direction I want to go with my degree and was a great introduction to how a large company is run.”

Eric Vander Woude

“For the past three months, I have been an intern in the Engineering department. In my time at Duncan Aviation, I have learned how to communicate with all the experts in the different shops to produce a product that was quick, simple, and cost-effective while fulfilling the customers’ needs. The people have been one of the best parts of being at Duncan Aviation; they have all been super helpful! I feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg during my time here.”

Are you interested in an internship at Duncan Aviation, or simply want to learn more? Check out our careers page here: www.DuncanAviation.aero/careers