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Where Can My Career At Duncan Aviation Go?

A career at Duncan Aviation can take off in a multitude of ways. Many have started in one niche area and then moved to other areas or even different geographical locations. You could start at Duncan Aviation as a Parts Runner delivering aircraft parts, equipment, or documents throughout an entire facility or through an internship or apprenticeship position. Maybe you start as an Airframe Mechanic, an Upholstery Specialist, a Sales Representative, a supportive role in Human Resources, or anything in-between. Once you have a position at Duncan Aviation, you’re in a great starting place for an aviation career. You’re able to build connections with so many people throughout Duncan Aviation and the entire aviation industry. Those connections could lead to new opportunities in other areas of Duncan Aviation.

Duncan Aviation Careers Require a Variety of Skills and Talents

Aviation careers can include working with aircraft, of course. They can also include working in a variety of positions that don’t work directly with aircraft. Here are just a few of the job titles for positions regularly hired by Duncan Aviation.

•    Airframe Technician
•    Engine Technician
•    Avionics Modifications Specialist
•    Avionics Line Technician
•    Interior Specialist (Finish, Completions, Upholstery, Cabinet)
•    Paint Specialist
•    Structures Technician
•    Satellite Avionics Technician
•    Accessory Technician
•    Parts Runner
•    Facilities Maintenance/Custodian
•    Quality Specialists
•    Line Service Technicians
•    Customer Service Rep
•    Engineer
•    Information Technology
•    Safety Specialist
•    Service Sales Representative
•    Project Manager
•    Purchasing Specialist
•    Marketing Specialist
•    Accounting/Finance Specialist
•    Human Resources Specialist

Take a look at the career paths of just a few of our team members.