July 2009 Intelligence Newsletter

Windshield Sun Protection Can Cause Irreparable Damage

When an aircraft is parked in direct sunlight, the dark tint of sunshields absorbs heat and interior fold-out sunscreens reflect it back into the window. Both can damage the acrylic material on the window causing irreparable and expensive damage...

Environmental System Squawks

For all aircraft that have an air cycle machine, leaks, cooling turbine, intercoolers, regulators and air supply sources are more prone to show their deficiencies when cooling air if they are not up to specification

Challenger S/N & Documentation for a 120 or 96-Month Landing Gear Restoration

To avoid significant delays during 120-month (CL600/601) or 96-month (CL604) landing gear restorations, we highly recommend that you serialize landing gear parts and establish records for each before your landing gear restoration comes due

Learjet Ground Calibration of Stall Warning Systems

Calibrating Gulton / Ametek (formerly Conrac) Stall Computers just got more confusing with two major changes to the Maintenance Manuals. Avoid frustration with these tips

King Air ADF Tip

If the ADF quits pointing on your King Air, be sure to check the AC Fuse in the nose’s right-hand J-box

Astra Aileron Pressure Seals Failing

At fuselage station 193.0, our technicians are finding pressure seals cracked and deteriorating leaking pressurization. This appears to be an emerging trend in the Astra fleet

P&W SB30381 Parts and Labor Support Now Available

Pratt & Whitney recently released Commercial Support Program Notification (CSPN) 1004357, offering parts and labor support for complying with SB30381