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June 2009 Intelligence Newsletter

More Information. Same Valuable Tips, Tricks and Support.

Welcome to the new Duncan Intelligence! The newsletter has a new look and feel but will keep the same valuable tips, tricks and technical support that you’ve come to rely on.

DGS-65 Directional Gyro: The Importance of the Encoder Flex Card

When Duncan Aviation repairs the DGS-65 Directional Gyro, we replace its Encoder Flex Card. Watch the first ever Duncan Aviation Video Intelligence to learn why this “extra” is so important

Navigation Unit Fails Soon After Repair

Duncan Aviation recently saw a Nav unit in our avionics shop that failed soon after being repaired by another service provider. The Duncan Aviation technician found some screws had been driven into a circuit board...

AD 2004-07-21: Fixing The Astra Starter Generator Firewall Cable Support

AD 2004-07-21addresses issues with the Astra starter generator firewall cable support and the cables themselves. If you have not had the cable support replaced, you are not in compliance with this AD

Falcon 2000 Wing Anti-Ice Tube Corrosion

When removing the over-the-wing anti-ice lines during the Falcon C inspection, watch for corrosion on the clamps and tubing holding the left-hand and right-hand peri-seal heat shields in place

New Challenger Flap System Capability

Members of Duncan Aviation's Challenger program have developed a portable flap systems test bench that provides immediate feedback with increased accuracy, and does not require a test flight for analysis

PW306C Engine Alternator and Starter Seal Replacement

Service Bulletin SB25353 allows the remaining PW306C operators to have the new carbon face seal put in their engines. Before installing the carbon face seal at the gear shaft location, the gear shaft must be replaced or modified by removing it from the gearbox