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November 2009 Intelligence Newsletter

Integrating the Garmin G-600 GPS with your autopilot

We’ve gotten a few calls lately with customers installing Garmin G-600 systems in smaller aircraft and calling us for advice on how to interface the autopilot.

NATA Clarification of Regulatory change to FAR Part 43

The National Air Transport Association (NATA) clarified a 1996 regulatory change to FAR Part 43, Appendix A regarding the updating of navigation databases in GPSs and Flight Management Systems allowing pilots operating under Part 91 to perform database updates…

Hawker Structural Inspection Intervals

When API winglets are installed on a Hawker aircraft, several structural inspection intervals are reduced. This interval reduction is easily overlooked by an operator…

Learjet Gust Locks Prevent Unnecessary Damage

Gust locks lock the control column in place, preventing random movement and possible damage of the surface from wind while an aircraft is parked. It only takes a small investment to prevent damage that could cost tens of thousands of dollars and hours to repair.

Challenger Engine Alert: Oil Filter Analysis Interval

Due to problems with the Tower Shaft Bearing, this SB has been released to change the Oil Filter Analysis interval in Specific Identified Engines.

Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletin A63069R1: Fuel Filter Bypass Valve on Citation Mustang

Released on Oct 14, 2009, SB A63069R1 recommends a visual inspection of the fuel filter bypass valve.

TFE731 Winter Weather and Fuel Leaks

Cold winter temperatures are on the way and with them possible problematic fuel control P3 drain leaks. Fuel control changes account for a large percentage of flight delays or cancellations on TFE731-powered aircraft.

CF34 5 & 6 Turbine Disk Airworthiness Directive Update

December 31, 2009, is the deadline to comply with AD 2006-04-12. Although General Electric is working diligently trying to contact operators with information on completing this AD prior to the deadline, they estimate there will be about 20 aircraft that will not be in compliance.