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October 2009 Intelligence Newsletter

Hawker NLG Strut Leak Concerns

HawkerBeechcraft Communiqué HK-0012 displays concerns for the Piston Seal, PN 25UN523, in the NLG Strut. This seal may last for many flights, even in Arctic temperatures, but can start leaking without warning. Small leaks can often be severe enough to deplete the NLG Strut of all fluid.

When Exactly is the RVSM Manual Required?

Carrying the RVSM manual on board is only a regulatory requirement when the Operations Specifications, Letter Of Authorization or the FAA-approved RVSM maintenance manual states that you must have it on board. Having the RVSM manual on board, however, can be quite valuable in certain situations and is always a good idea.

Falcon FQMC Fault Codes

Falcon FQMC Fault Codes relating to “fuel quantity gauging signal outside of tolerance” on your Falcon 2000 usually mean water has affected the probes in the fuel bay.

King Air Proper Dynamic Balancing Extends Life of Aircraft

Proper dynamic balancing of the props on a King Air is an excellent way to extend the life of the overall aircraft. Duncan Aviation technicians have seen King Airs come in with issues related to the dynamic balancing.

Learjet RVSM Pitot Probe Alignment FAQS

Dave Schiver, Duncan Aviation Learjet Tech Rep, answers your questions in regards to RVSM pitot probe alignment inspections on aircraft that have the Bombardier STC solutions installed.

P&W Service Bulletin 30382

The P&W Service Bulletin 30382 introduces a seal between the turbine exhaust case and the turbine exhaust mixer assembly to keep hot exhaust gases from sensitive areas.