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September 2009 Intelligence Newsletter

Q&A: Is the RVSM Manual Required?

If your aircraft is RVSM certified, you are required to carry an RVSM manual on board the aircraft at all times. This manual is critical for providing instructions on how to maintain the RVSM capability of your aircraft. It includes items such as repainting the RVSM area, repairing damage and routine maintenance.

PW545C Electronic Engine Control (EEC) Support Bracket Replacement

Pratt & Whitney recently released SB30393, recommending that the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) support brackets be replaced within 300 hours to help eliminate problems due to vibratory stresses.

TFE731 Improved N2 Monopoles

Honeywell has introduced new N2 monopoles with internal enhancements that improve N2 monopole durability. But double-check the P/N of the N2 monopole to avoid signal issues.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Performance: Technology A Regular Battery Would Die For

Securaplane Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Main Ship Batteries have technology that beats NiCad, Lead-Calcium and Lead-Antimony in every category of performance. They can ultimately save operators hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually.

Falcon APU Oil Level Indication: Test for EASy Cockpit Aircraft

This information is meant to help Falcon operators who are new to the EASy cockpit or for those who may have forgotten how the APU Oil Level Test sequence operates.

Hawker Mandatory Service Bulletin: Hydrogen Embrittlement Alert

If your landing gear was overhauled, exchanged or had maintenance performed on it during the period of April 1, 2005, and March 31, 2009, there is a chance that it contains parts that are susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement.

Gulfstream Heated Drain Masts Failing

Several recent Gulfstream inspections have revealed failed heated drain masts on GII through GV models.

Astra Landing Gear "Squat" Switch: Double Discrepancies

A recent Astra SPX customer had incoming discrepancies for the #1 & #2 Engine DEEC buffers filling up every flight. Also, the thrust reversers weren’t deploying on touch down until about 80 knots. The main landing gear ground contact switches were to blame.

Citation Blue Water Corrosion Prevention

All aircraft have unique hotspots for corrosion; Citations are no exception. This article addresses blue water corrosion concerns for Citation models 500, 550 & 560.

King Air Battery Drain

Certain model King Airs are subject to the battery being discharged below minimum starting limit if the aircraft has been static for even a few days. The cause of this might be the cockpit blowers.

Learjet Flap Tracks: Perma Silk G Coating

There have been some questions raised lately about the flap tracks on the Lear 40 series aircraft, particularly regarding the Perma Silk G coating.