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February 2010 Intelligence Newsletter

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About WAAS

Is now the time to upgrade to WAAS? What is the difference between a STC and field approval process? Why are upgrades so expensive?

TFE731 Engine Preservation Revisited

Don't let your engines end up on the DERB list! Some operators are experiencing the unfortunate effects of long-term storage when proper engine preservation procedures have not been followed.

Hawker Communiqué #HK-0017: Fire Extinguisher Replacement

Communiqué #HK-0017 advises service centers and owner/operators of an information only kit, part number 238-0002, being made available to replace portable fire extinguishers.

Hawker Mandatory SB32-3979

Hawker Beechcraft has just issued Mandatory SB32-3979 addressing additional landing gear parts that do not meet standards for hydrogen embrittlement relief.

Learjet Finds Potential Cracks In Actuators

Learjet has recently discovered the potential for cracks developing in the ballscrew and nut assembly of the Learjet 45 flap actuator.

Learjet 40/45 Aft Aileron Control Quadrant Assembly 10-Year Life Limit

Avoid unexpected scheduling and planning headaches by remembering to replace the Lear 40 Series Aft Quadrant at its 10 Year Life Limit.

King Air MFD-85(x) Replacement

When you are considering upgrading the MFD to a later model, keep in mind the effect that modification will have on the aircraft’s type certification.

Astra Low Fuel Pressure Indication

If you operate an Astra, not including SPX/G-100 models, and you have an intermittent left fuel pressure annunciator illumination, keep reading.

Pratt & Whitney SB 26243R2: Replacement of Inner Bypass Flanges and Duct Segment

If you have not completed PW SB 26243R2, then P&W recommends Part A of the SB be completed at the next convenient opportunity.