TFE731 Light Maintenance Manual Change

May 2010

Honeywell LMM 72-03-06 has recently changed Revision 10 dated February 16, 2010. Minor changes have been made to the Routine Inspection Intervals and requirements.

LMM Changes for all engine models

  • Inspection Intervals 500 to 840 hours has
  • Inspection Intervals 1500 to 1640 hours has been changed to 1500 to 1650 hours been changed to 500 to 850 hours
  • 150 to 250 hour Routine Inspection now includes removing the chip detector and visually inspecting for contamination in addition to performing the SOAP analysis

LMM Changes for engine models -20, -40AR-200G, 40R-200G, Post SB 73-5105

500 to 650 hour Routine Inspection now includes removing the Motive Flow Fuel Pump and inspecting the input shaft splines for wear.


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