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GE Engine: SB Compliance Date Change

July 2012

General Electric (GE) recently published a second revision to Service Bulletin (SB) 72-0175. The previous revision required the removal from service, specific part number stages 10 through 14 Compressor Rotor Spools, also known as, the Rear Compressor Spool. Similar to the recent SBs requiring the 5th and 6th Turbine Disk and Fan Disk inspections, due to the potential for arc-out from Electrochemical Etching marking process, General Electric wants these components removed from service.

Revision 2 of this Category 3 SB changes the compliance date from January 1, 2013, to the next shop visit. Review your logbook component section for Rear Spool P/Ns 6037T83P03, 6037T83P04 and 6087T02P01. This item will be replaced at your next overhaul or access. General Electric is providing support if the life limit has not been reached. For further information, please contact me.


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