Learjet 40/45 Flap Actuator Replacement

October 2012

At Duncan Aviation, we have been receiving inquiries regarding the replacement of the flap actuators on Learjet 40/45 model aircraft per Service Bulletin (SB) 40-27-31 & 45-27-47.

These SBs install the improved 6627503000-031 Inboard (I/Bs) and 6627503000-033 Outboard (O/Bs) flap actuator assemblies. The advantage of complying with this SB is the elimination of the following three IRNs:

  • 2750056 (Flap Actuator Joint Visual Inspection)
  • 2750057 (Flap Actuator Ballnut Sleeve)
  • 2750055 (Flap Actuator Joint Replacement)

These are “Fielded Programs” by Learjet that means customers must place the order directly with Learjet Spares at which time a Purchase Order is required. Depending on many factors, Learjet will inform the customer of when they can expect to receive the new flap actuators.

As an Authorized Service Center (ASC), Duncan Aviation CANNOT place these orders on your behalf. However, we are able to install them once you have received them. The factory-owned Bombardier Authorized Service centers are allowed to place these orders.


Dave Schiver Airframe Tech Rep Challenger, Global, Learjet Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.479.1680

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