December 2013 Intelligence Newsletter

Troubleshooting the KHF-950 System

If you are experiencing tuning and/or garbled transmitter problems with your KHF-950 system, you may have some outstanding Service Bulletins that should be installed.

Make Records & Research a part of your Maintenance Event

Within the last three years, I've reviewed several aircraft maintenance records for various aircraft and noted missing entries regarding non-OEM-related equipment. It’s not the major maintenance and inspections that are missing from the logbooks, but rather the small unknown inspections and ongoing required programs that remain outstanding.

Learjet 35/55 Bendix GCU Intermittent Operations

Our experience has found that moisture was causing corrosion leading to the failure of the Bendix GCU.

Falcon 2000, EX, EX EASy: API Service Bulletin

Although Service Bulletin SBF2-12-001 is not mandatory, API strongly recommends compliance during the next maintenance event in which the ailerons are removed from the aircraft.

CFE738: Borescope Inspection of the Centrifugal Compressor Impeller

If you have the centrifugal compressor impeller with the designated part and serial number, accomplish the initial borescope inspection at the next designated airframe inspection.

Here...Fix This: Sending in Aircraft Units For Repair

Having the right information about the circumstances surrounding a squawk can save your tech rep many hours of troubleshooting time and yourself a considerable amount of money.