January 2013 Intelligence Newsletter

Hawker: Susceptible Areas of Corrosion

All aircraft are vulnerable to corrosion due to environmental conditions and the quality of maintenance. The Hawker 125 series is no different, but added vigilance is needed due to its use of TKS Fluid.

Engine Care & Corrosion

Assessing the health of your aircraft’s engine takes on many forms. One form often not weighed heavily enough is engine externals.

Astra/SPX/G-100 Cockpit Fire Extinguisher

On all Astra/SPX/G-100 model aircraft the original cockpit fire extinguisher and the alternate part numbers are no longer available.

Learjet 40/45 Coupe Rail 5000 Hour Recurring Inspection Corrosion

Attention Learjet 40/45 aircraft operators. There is an item in the 4800 hour inspection that you should be aware of regarding IRN U5323168.

F50/900/2000 MLG Outboard Door Hinge

During the course of the last six months, technicians at Duncan Aviation have found several MLG OB door hinges seized. Learn more about proper operation and maintenance.

Cessna 680 Sovereign: HAPP Coverage Now Available

Cessna 680 Sovereign operators are now eligible to purchase Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan coverage for their aircraft.

Adel Clamp (AKA MS21919) Inspections

It’s always a good idea to error on the side of replacing when you have suspicions about an Adel Clamp (MS21919) on your business aircraft.

Avoid Sudden Universal FMS Battery Failures

It isn't unusual for the Universal Avionics FMS batteries to experience a sudden power loss or fail with minimal warning resulting in a CDU Data Bus Failure message.

Proper Handling of Your Gyroscope

A business aircraft gyroscope can operate properly for many years or fail in just a few days. It all boils down to how well you take care of it.

Five Consequences of Ignoring Landing Gear Trunnion Corrosion

Due to its location and exposure to the elements, landing gear is highly susceptible to corrosion. And corrosion, even in small amounts, will not stop growing until it is effectively removed.