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July 2013 Intelligence Newsletter

Main Entrance Door Web Cracks

Over the course of several Falcon C inspections, Duncan Aviation technicians have noticed cracks emanating from the bearing carrier structure on the forward and aft bell-crank assembly web.

Learjet 60 Starter Generator Brush Inspection

The Safran Power UK & Safran Power USA starter generator specifically designed for the Learjet 60 requires a 500 hour brush inspection to determine whether the generator brushes meet the warranty standard of 50 percent life.

Aircraft Porpoising, Wing Rock and Rudder Kick could be a Servo Tach Problem

The autopilot gets blamed for many squawks, such as aircraft porpoising, oscillating reaction and wing rock, among others. However, it may just be reacting to false readings it is receiving from the computers due to servo tach problems.

When am I required to weigh my business aircraft?

As you might expect, like so many issues surrounding when you should weigh your business aircraft, there are a multitude of correct answers depending on the circumstances.

Learjet 60 CAB ALT HI Red Annunciator

At Duncan Aviation, we have recently been made aware of a Master Warning Light issue on Learjet 60s that have complied with Service Bulletin 60-31-2 and have the ice detector option installed with the ice detector annunciators in the Glareshield.

Overhauling NAT (Cobham) Avionics Units

Northern Airborne Technology Ltd, dba Cobham Avionics, designs and produces avionics communications equipment installed aboard helicopters. One of the more common failures that Duncan Aviation technicians have experienced with these units is intermittent audio squawks.

Gulfstream V Spoiler Board Corrosion

At Duncan Aviation, we’ve noted several Gulfstream V aircraft with pitting on the spoiler board and fixed wing overhang panels.

Fault Code 237, ECTM Buffer Filled

Not sure why the engine computer light begins to flash after several flights and the only fault you can see is fault code 237, ECTM Buffer Filled? It could be an uncommanded engine shutdown.