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January 2014 Intelligence Newsletter

Hawker: Corrosion in the Center Wheel Well Area

The light alloy brackets and levers in the center wheel well area and wing rear spar are susceptible to severe corrosion if the protective coating is compromised and remedial action is not taken promptly.

Learjet MLG Strut Life Limit

Recent revisions to the Learjet aircraft Chapter 5 Replacement Schedule now include an upgraded strut with a replacement interval of 16,500 landings.

Challenger 300: Nose Gear Shimmy

Duncan Aviation's experience and expertise tell us that operators can sometimes confuse an out of balance nose wheel for a shimmy instead.

Challenger 300: Inspection Planning

When planning for your Challenger 300 aircraft maintenance event, don’t forget these important Service Bulletins that include the modification of the thrust reverser kicker plate and thrust reverser pivot door forward fitting.

Falcon 900B, Ex and EASy series APU / Broken Exhaust Mount Bushing

Don’t overlook inspecting the phenolic bushing in the top mount of the APU exhaust. It is commonly broken or missing.

Learjet 60 Aircraft: Nose Wheel Steering Troubleshooting

There is a lot of good information online to helpfully troubleshoot a Nose Wheel Steering System the first time, saving significant time and money.

Astra Fuel Component Inspections

The Astra Maintenance Manual requires the removal of the jet pumps to properly inspect for cleanliness and damage. Using a borescope to inspect these areas without removing the pumps will not provide an adequate assessment of the condition of these components.

Radar Operation Tips

The Honeywell ART 2000 and ART 2100 are high-performance modern radar that is proven reliable. But even simple things like getting in a hurry when shutting down the system can have a huge negative impact on operation over time.

PW305: Less Than Expected Service Life from APC Starter Generators

Due to high heat generated during initial start-up, APC starter generators currently found on some P&W305 engines aren't performing as expected and falling short of projected TBO, creating some reliability uncertainty.

Falcon: Common Exchanged Aircraft Parts

Because of our long history and experience with the Falcon aircraft, we know the most commonly exchanged parts and keep an inventory available to meet customer needs.