July 2014 Intelligence Newsletter

Falcon 7X Wing to Winglet Splice Plate Corrosion

Dassault Falcon Jet has issued Falcon Service Advisory 57-10-009-R00-A concerning corrosion of the top and bottom wing to winglet splice plate.

Honeywell TFE731: Emergency AD 2014-12-52

The FAA released Emergency AD 2014-12-52 on June 10, 2014, due to reports of LPT2 blade separations. Compliance of the AD is to prevent blade failure, engine in-flight shutdowns and aircraft damage.

New Tech Rep Position Created to Meet Growing Business Demands

In response to customers’ growing maintenance needs in large cabin Embraer and Gulfstream aircraft, Duncan Aviation has added a new tech to support these airframes at its Lincoln, Nebraska, headquarters.

Gulfstream: Plan Ahead. Avoid Delays During the G150 8C Inspection

To avoid delays during your G150 8C inspection, you may want to pre-order certain center wing panels prone to corrosion.

Embraer: Don’t Ignore the Leading Edge

It is costly to polish the leading edge on a regular basis. But it is considerably more costly to let them go for an extended period time.

Rockwell Collins Annunciator Panel AP65

The most common failure of an annunciator panel is a burned out lamp. Rockwell Collins has issued a Service Bulletin that provides a lamp that is more reliable with a longer life.

Hawker: Solving Lens Heat Buildup

The original equipment landing lights on Hawker aircraft have been a frequent source of frustration for operators. LoPresti BoomBeam lights use mercury and Xenon gas which yield whiter, truer colors and better performance.