May 2014 Intelligence Newsletter

You May Not Be In Compliance With Airworthiness Directive 2010-07-02

There are two steps to Airworthiness Directive 2010-07-02. You are not in compliance unless you have completed both.

Securaplane Batteries: Common Warranty Claims That Can be Prevented

Sulfation of the plates and damaged terminal studs are common warranty claims on Securaplane Batteries. Both can be prevented or lessened by following simple operational and maintenance procedures.

Learjet: Airworthiness Directive Deadline Approaching for Learjet 60* Aircraft

August 5, 2014, is the deadline for AD 2013-13-09 on Learjet 60 aircraft. It requires up to four different Service Bulletins be installed, depending on serial number. Keep reading for a brief explanation of each.

Duncan Aviation Gains Thales Avionics Capabilities

With new access to tech data and parts for Thales attitude indicator units, Duncan Aviation has developed a wide spectrum of services for the indicators. Keep reading for full details.

Citation: When Was the Last Time Your Citation Had a Bath?

If it’s been more than 14 days and you have flown in any coastal areas around the world, your Citation is overdue for a shower. Read CIL-99-03 for more details.

TFE731: Honeywell Changes to CAMP Systems for ECTM Data Analysis

Honeywell recently announced the company is moving its Engine Condition Trend Monitoring data analysis from Jet-Care to CAMP Systems. This move impacts all Honeywell engines, including those outfitted with DEEC.

Greased-up Landing Gear Reduces Maintenance Costs

Landing gear is very susceptible to corrosion, due to its location and exposure to the elements.