Greased-up Landing Gear Reduces Maintenance Costs

May 2014

Landing Gear is very susceptible to corrosion, due to its location and exposure to the elements. Water, dirt, debris and foreign objects can lead to premature removal of landing gear components due to corrosion. They all act as electrolytes, producing a corrosive environment.

Grease not only lubricates the landing gear but also expels trapped water, dirt and debris from between the joints. Following the recommended schedule for lubricating the landing gear and using the recommended lubricant can extend the time between removals and reduce maintenance costs due to corrosion found during maintenance actions.

Washing landing gear with pressure washers can make the gear look great, but if not done carefully can sometimes begin the onset of corrosion and cause damage to the landing gear. Great care should be used to prevent pressurized water from entering unusual gear areas. If you decide to use a pressure washer, the landing gear should always be greased immediately afterwards.

For more landing gear information or details regarding overhauls, repairs or pricing, please contact your Duncan Aviation landing gear experts.


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