September 2014 Intelligence Newsletter

Spare The Grease, Spoil The Gear

Grease alone is the number one defense against corrosion. Corrosion cannot be prevented, but the effects of it can be lessened and controlled if you are aggressive with your grease gun. The greasier the better.

Gulfstream: G-IV Vertical Stabilizer Drag Angle Fasteners

The Gulfstream IV Structural Repair Manual is very specific on rivet substitution i.e.: It is not permissible to substitute a mechanical fastener in place of a solid fastener. Check all references to assure correct fastener installation.

Inspection Due Points and Tolerances

All OEMs allow for time limits, or tolerances, on inspections to be extended for maintenance scheduling purposes. This is helpful when planning for maintenance events around a busy flight calendar.

Honeywell TFE731: Accessory Gearbox Carbon Seal Improvements

Earlier this year, Honeywell released a Service Bulletin that introduced an improved gearbox cover and hydrodynamic carbon face seal to reduce oil leaks.

Engine Oil Consumption Logs

Flight crews and maintenance personnel need to come together and discuss how and when to properly service the oil, creating a means to log the addition of oil and discussing the responsibilities of ground personnel service when the aircraft is away from home.

Video Intermittent Squawks With Smart Phone

When a squawk appears intermittently, valuable clues may be left out when communicating the details. Use your Smartphone to grab the details.