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The Basics of Avionics Protection Plans: HAPP / CASP

April 2015

I frequently get calls from customers who are interested in the various avionics protection plans that are offered by major avionics manufacturers. The two most notable programs are the Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP) offered by Rockwell Collins, and the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP).

Both programs are very similar in how they work. For an annual fee, anytime that an avionics unit fails, you can order an exchange part from the manufacturer and it is shipped via overnight delivery at no additional cost.  All exchanges and freight charges are covered. There are no "buy-in" or "initiation" fees. Contracts are normally for three years, but are renewed annually.

A big advantage to these programs is knowing in advance exactly what your avionics costs will be for the coming year.  In today's age of avionics platforms of EFIS displays and integration of what used to be multiple units into one unit, in many cases the cost of one exchange part could be more than what one of these programs cost for an entire year. 

For instance, the exchange list price for a Honeywell DU-1080, like what is installed on a Cessna Citation Sovereign, is $32,269. The price for HAPP coverage on a Cessna Citation Sovereign starts as low as $39,600 and can range up to $49,500. So even if the aircraft's avionics configuration puts the price for HAPP coverage on the higher end of this range, it is easy to see that it wouldn't take many failures to equal what a year's worth of HAPP or CASP program coverage would cost.

Another example would be a Rockwell Collins Adaptive Flight Display that is installed on a Bombardier Challenger CL-605. The list price for an exchange AFD-5220E is $32,104. CASP coverage for the Bombardier Challenger CL-605 can be purchased for as low as $41,750. 

Avionics Survey

The first step to enrolling in HAPP is to have a survey of the avionics components installed on your aircraft. By doing this you are guaranteed that the program is insuring exactly what is on the aircraft. An avionics survey is simple and can be accomplished in under four hours at any one of the Duncan Aviation avionics satellite shops.

If you are interested in learning more about either HAPP or CASP, please contact me anytime.