June 2016 Intelligence Newsletter

Five Reasons to Upgrade to the DL-950

If you still use floppy disks to update your navigation databases and have a Honeywell DL-900 data loader, there are five very good reasons to look at upgrading to the DL-950 or DL-1000.

Bombardier Challenger 604/Challenger 605 Aircraft: Inspection Program Evolution

Now that Bombardier has released the Evolved Maintenance Intervals program for the Bombardier Challenger 604 and Challenger 605 aircraft, we recommend operators be more specific in these statements to reduce potential ambiguity.

Have You Ever Lost all GPS information While Taxiing? What Happened?

Not long ago, one of Duncan Aviation's aircraft lost all GPS information and received a number of CAS messages related to these interruptions. This happened while taxiing in front of a Duncan Aviation maintenance hangar in LNK. What happened?

Six Considerations When Selecting a Wi-Fi Installer

If you want to see an angry passenger, tell him or her you have Wi-Fi and then have it not work.

It’s Radar Season. Don’t Get Lost in the Storm

The Duncan Aviation avionics and instrument shop is kept very busy this time. We see thousands of radar units every year. Watch our video and follow a radar unit as it makes a road trip through our facility during a routine inspection.

Esterline CMC Electronics CMA-6800 Display

This STC is an AML that includes Hawker 800/XP/1000, Bombardier’s Challenger CL-601/601-3A/3R, Dash 8–100/200/300 and its 415 Superscooper, Cessna Citation 650, Dassault Falcon 900, Fokker 50, and the Gulfstream III, with additional models to follow.