Wi-Fi: Comparing Serviceable Vs New System Options

May 2016

Two of Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Satellite shops (Van Nuys and Las Vegas) have recently installed a serviceable Gogo ATG-5000 airborne broadband system with Wi-Fi, one in a Gulfstream IV and the other in a Gulfstream G-200. After considering their wireless system options, both customers decided the serviceable Wi-Fi units were the right fit for their aircraft.

True, the unit itself is not new. However, the serviceable systems have the same software levels as the newer units and are backed by the same factory warranty as a new system, when purchased using our serviceable equipment inventory.

The Only Real Difference…Cost

With our limited Serviceable Unit Program, Duncan Aviation can offer Axxess, ATG 4000 and ATG-5000 airborne broadband systems with Wi-Fi for nearly half the price of new. Plus, the systems can be installed at any of our Avionics Satellite locations using any of our STCs.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can have the same Wi-Fi System at half the price, feel free to contact our Satellite Avionics shops or Avionics Install Sales Reps.


Matt Nelson Manager, Avionics Satellite Operations Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.479.4202

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