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TR Added to Bombardier Learjet 20 and 30 Model Series Aircraft Maintenance Checks

September 2016

The Bombardier Learjet 20* and Learjet 30* series Time Limits and Maintenance Checks have recently added a new TR (Temp Revision) to Chapter 5-10-29. This TR includes a new IRN 3255002 for the required inspection of the Lear Avia Nose Wheel Steering Servos.

The Lear Avia servos are now required to be inspected every 2,400 hours, or 2 years from May 2, 2016, if they have never been inspected before.

Since these servos were on condition previously, we have found a number of them have very weak clutches from years of in-service operation. The new inspection will ensure that these discrepancies are corrected during a scheduled event rather than found during taxi, which may result in a missed flight or unexpected downtime.

20160916_082112 (Small)Lear Avia Nose Servos Part Numbers






*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.


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