Honeywell Issues Reliability Service Bulletin AS907-73-9005

July 2017

On April 14, 2017, Honeywell published the initial release of Reliability Service Bulletin (SB) AS907-73-9005 that replaces the main fuel control on the AS907-2-1G (HTF 7250) model engine found on the Gulfstream G280 aircraft.

Analysis of the main fuel control ATP data has indicated under certain conditions (APR [Auxiliary Power Reserve], Hot day, below 2,000 feet) early production and fielded engines may not achieve the required N1 (thrust) of the day.

Honeywell recommends the removal and replacement of the main fuel control, PN 442324, with PN 442661 at next access or 2,000 hour inspection interval. The new unit has expanded the metering valve window to allow higher flow through the main fuel control, eliminating the risk of not making N1 of the day. If your aircraft has two affected main fuel controls, both must be replaced at the same time.

If certain conditions are met, a special/warranty program may be available. For more information on the special/warranty program and availability of parts, give me a call.


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