The NBAA Tech Committee Wants To Hear From You

March 2017

C-X_750-0014_N478PM_038The NBAA Technical Committee is the Citation operators’ path to getting issues heard by the right people. Members are pilots, technicians, and FBO & MRO representatives. As a member of the committee, I have the opportunity to represent Citation operators who reach out with questions or issues they want addressed. These issues can be related to airframe, engines, avionics, or parts availability, among many others.

The tech committee is an effective tool with direct access to Citation leadership. As a group, we help Textron identify areas to improve aircraft equipment, operations and services for the benefit of the fleet of aircraft that they have produced over the years. 

This improvement can only be accomplished if we have regular interaction with and feedback from you, the Citation operator.

I strongly urge you to reach out to me or other members of the NBAA Technical Committee with questions or topics that you would like for us to consider and discuss during our next meeting.


Chuck Zahnow Airframe Tech Rep Citation, Hawker Battle Creek, MI (BTL) +1 269.969.8422

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