New Category 2 Service Bulletin for Honeywell HTF7500E

May 2018

On March 27, 2018, Honeywell issued SB (Service Bulletin) AS907-76-9020. This is a Category 2 SB applicable to aircraft engines on the Embraer Legacy 450 and Embraer Legacy 500 aircraft with Serial Numbers prior to 131198. It calls for the inspection of the W3 wiring harness for potential interference with accessory gearbox studs.  

While accessing the area inside the lower cowling door, inspect to ensure there is no less than ¼” clearance between the W3 wiring harness and the accessory gearbox studs. If there is contact, reposition the W3 wiring harness in a clamp at the accessory gearbox and, if necessary, add a chafe sleeving to prevent further chaffing.

You can comply with this SB at your convenience, but no later than the next access.

Photos courtesy of Bombardier Service Bulletin



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