Garmin G5000 Webinar For Citation Excel/XLS Operators

November 2019

Garmin G5000_560XL_small

Did you miss the Duncan Aviation Straight Talk webinar about the Garmin G5000 features, operational benefits, and long-term cost savings operating for Excel/XLS operators? No worries. Catch the replay here:

Duncan Aviation participants

  • Michael Kussatz, Avionics Regional Manager
  • Jeff Simmons, Avionics Sales Representative

Garmin participant

  • Jim Laster, Regional Sales Manager

Any questions can be directed to Michael Kussatz at

Next Webinar 

The next Duncan Aviation Straight Talk webinar is November 13th at 11:00am CST where we will be discussing Honeywell Flight Deck upgrades for aging aircraft. Get more information here: