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April 2020 Intelligence Newsletter

Planning for the Future Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Message from Duncan Aviation’s Todd Duncan

We care deeply about our customers and the communities in which we conduct business and are being proactive in keeping everyone safe.

Duncan Aviation Aircraft Disinfection Service

Keeping your aircraft and those who fly within it safe are your top priorities right now.

Bombardier Learjet Model Flap Actuator Replacement

At Duncan Aviation, we have received many questions in regards to the replacement of the flap actuators on the Bombardier Learjet 40 and Learjet 45 model aircraft. Keep reading for all the relevant details.

Loose And Creeping Aircraft Seat Backs

Even small hydraulic leaks can cause problems with aircraft seats.

The Importance Of Proper Engine Preservation

If your aircraft will be sitting idle for longer than normal, we recommend you take extra steps to keep your engines in working condition and minimize the potential for deterioration. Engine preservation is critical during times of long-term storage, with some unfortunate effects when procedures are not followed.

Food For Thought About Private Aviation In Uncertain Times

It is during these uncertain times, the advantages of business aircraft ownership become evident. Let's explore.

Honeywell HTF7250 Engine Inspection Intervals for Gulfstream G280

We have put together a summary of the more significant inspection requirements and applicable Service Bulletins applicable to both the Airframe and Engine maintenance manuals