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Honeywell (King) Servos: Keeping Out-Of-Production Parts Available

April 2021

The servos utilized in the Honeywell KFC 150/200/225/250/275/300/325/400 series have enclosures and baseplates that are no longer available from the OEM.  When these require replacement, your only options are to: 1) buy a whole new servo unit or 2) upgrade the entire avionics package of the aircraft at a much higher price tag. 

At Duncan Aviation’s avionics/instrument shop, we repair and overhaul an average of 100 KFC servos each month. Our repair capabilities are keeping these units available and at a significantly lower cost.

The overhaul includes a total breakdown of the servo to clean and inspect, replacing high-failure items that pose warranty issues. This keeps warranty and future maintenance costs to a minimum.

During the overhaul, we incorporate Service Memo 292 into the 8130 for your 13-month/1000-hour inspection on all Honeywell servos.


(left to right)KFC Servos KS271A, KS372


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