March Duncan Intelligence Podcast

March 2022

In the March 2022 edition of the Duncan Intelligence, Finish Team Leader, Chris Nelson, brings you technical tips and advice on topics in business aviation.

This month’s edition includes:

  • Two operational reminders for your BendixKing ART-2100 radar transceiver
  • First-hand look at the Garmin G5000 flight deck install
  • NextGen FAQs
  • The latest in CMS cabin displays
  • The hunt for six “project” aircraft

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Chris Nelson

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Two Operational Reminders For The BendixKing ART-2100 Radar Transceiver

Get A First-Hand Look at Garmin G5000 Flight Deck Install
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NextGen FAQs: There Is So Much More To Know

What’s New With Aircraft CMS Cabin Displays?

Duncan Aviation Looking For Six “Project” Aircraft