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Citation: Modification of the M2 Baggage Compartment

March 2023

The Citation M2 was designed with an empty compartment beneath the right-hand baggage floor reserved for future electric windshield inverters. However, the program was discontinued by Cessna, leaving the space unused.

Before After

Duncan Aviation recently procured engineering to take advantage of this unused space to expand the baggage compartment by designing and fabricating a box insert.

boxbox otherside

The center of gravity requirements on an M2 makes it necessary to carry as much load in the nose baggage compartment as possible. The addition of this extra space up front allows for better aircraft loading and center of gravity management.

For information on modifying your Citation M2, contact your Duncan Aviation Citation Airframe Service Sales Rep.+


Andy Bajc Director of Maintenance, Flight Op Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.479.1556

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