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ACA Air Purification

September 2021

At Duncan Aviation, we have been installing an air-cleaning ionization component from Aviation Clean Air (ACA) that is designed to work with your aircraft’s existing environmental control system and actively purify the air and surfaces in the entire aircraft during all phases of flight.

This technology has been used in several other industries for years and has been installed in hundreds of thousands of office buildings, schools, airports, hotels, and other community spaces worldwide.

Watch this video to learn more about how this system works.

We have created installation packages for the ACA ionization system for Bombardier Global, Challenger 300, and Challenger 350 aircraft that includes everything necessary for installing the system including the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), the ionizers, and PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) parts kits.

Modification of the air ducts is necessary for the installation and can be performed at all of Duncan Aviation’s MRO facilities (Battle Creek, Michigan, Lincoln, Nebraska, or Provo, Utah) or many of the company’s Satellite Shops located throughout the United States.

For more information on the installation packages or to schedule a time to install the ACA system at one of Duncan Aviation’s MRO facilities or at any of the company’s Satellites around the country contact one of Duncan Aviation’s Regional Avionics Sales Managers, or Avionics Installation Sales Reps.