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Aircraft Interior Options: Benefits Of Hydrographics Over Veneer or Replacement

April 2021

When it comes to refinishing galleys, tables, doors, and other hard surfaces in your aircraft, you have more options beyond the traditional veneer—for example, hydrographics.

While not a new technology, hydrodipping is not very prevalent in the aviation industry. However, it saves both time and money and results in the same high-gloss durable finish.

Hydrographics is a graphic process that applies custom designs through a water transfer—making it ideal for surfaces with complex contours that are hard to cover with veneer. It can be applied to all kinds of substrates like metal, plastic, glass, wood, and other materials. It can also be applied directly over the existing veneered surface.

If you can paint it, it can be hydrodipped, with few exceptions.

What can be hydrodipped?

  • bulkheads, doors
  • galley cabinets, tables, accent pieces
  • countertops, drinkrails, lavatory sinks
  • near limitless options

Watch this video of an entire Citation XLS cabinet getting dipped by the Duncan Aviation Finish Team: www.DuncanAviation.aero/resources/straight-talk/quality-cabinet-finishes-graphic-options


When compared to reveneering, you will experience a savings in terms of both time & money with hydrodipping. On average, hydrodipping takes about half the time required at a considerably less cost.  

Hydrodipping Vs. Replacement

Replacing units like a lavatory sink requires certification. This is a very involved and expensive process. With hydrodipping, the existing sink in your aircraft can have a new design applied over the top of the existing surface with no certification required.

Below is an example of a lav sink that has had a hydrodipped design applied.  

Hydrodipped sink.jpg

FAQs About Hydrodipping

  1. What about burn certs?

When we are hydrodipping a substrate that has already passed the burn test, we apply the design over the top.  We have had no burn cert failures with a hydrodipped surface.

  1. Is hydrodipping durable?

Hydrodipping is consistent with any cabinet with a urethane topcoat on it. If you experience any impact damage that does not penetrate through the clear coat, it is repairable. It is as durable as your existing cabinets.

  1. What is the gain in terms of weight?

Hydrodipping doesn’t add much of anything in terms of weight.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the hydrodipping process: