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ATG 5000, ATG 4000, ATG 2000/1000 Customers Facing Network Phase-Out

May 2023

Gogo-Avance.jpgNow that the Gogo 5G network is complete, Gogo is focusing on updating customers’ service and experiences on their licensed 3G/4G network by updating to the latest LTE network technology. Legacy ATG 5000, ATG 4000, ATG 2000, and ATG 1000 equipment cannot connect to the LTE technology and will not be supported beyond early 2026.

Gogo Avance L3_4_Hero_ 1.jpgWithout access to a network, those aircraft will no longer have any in-flight connectivity.

Gogo AVANCE equipment is available today and will work on both the current and future 3G/4G networks. By upgrading to AVANCE L3 you will gain a 40% performance boost in 2026 with the new LTE network.

Gogo is offering a $25,000 incentive to customers who upgrade their Classic ATG system onboard equipment to the AVANCE L3 (MAX and PLUS only), upon service activation.

Duncan Aviation is in the process of developing STCs covering the equipment upgrade for operators of Falcon 2000/2000EX and several Hawker models with significantly reduced downtime. The estimated completion is later this year. 

Downtime for the upgrade is minimal: 5 business days or less in some cases. The upgrade entails swapping out the older ATG box with the newer AVANCE L3 box. The older antenna will provide access to the LTE/3G network.

Planning and scheduling upgrades take time, and there is already a growing demand, so don’t wait to reserve your spot at the Duncan Aviation Satellite nearest you today!

Contact Duncan Aviation’s Regional Avionics Sales Manager, John Spellmeyer, at +1 316.214.8867 or via email at John.Spellmeyer@DuncanAviation.com.