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Aviation Clean Air (ACA) Ionization System For Bombardier Global and Challenger Aircraft

April 2021

ACA.jpgDuncan Aviation has created installation packages for the Aviation Clean Air (ACA) ionization system for Bombardier Global, Challenger 300, and Challenger 350 aircraft.

These ACA packages include the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), ionizers, and PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) parts kits. The PMA kits include every screw, nut, bolt, and switch necessary for the installation.

In addition to the FAA approval, the STCs have received approval from TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). Additional certifications for other airframes are also in work and will be shared publicly as they are completed over the next few months.

Designed to be installed in an aircraft’s existing environmental control system, the ACA ionizers operate in the aircraft’s ductwork. The ionized hydrogen molecules neutralize pathogens like those that cause COVID-19 and remove allergens and unpleasant odors, including those from pets, cigarette and cigar smoke, engine exhaust, cooking, lavatories, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Modification of the air ducts is necessary for the installation and can be performed at all of Duncan Aviation’s MRO facilities (Battle Creek, Michigan, Provo, Utah, or Lincoln, Nebraska) or many of the company’s Satellite Shops located throughout the United States.

For more information on the installation packages or to schedule a time to install the ACA system at one of Duncan Aviation’s MRO facilities or at any of the company’s Satellites around the country contact one of Duncan Aviation’s Regional Avionics Sales Managers.

 Michael Kussatz: +1 531.207.3951 or email Michael.Kussatz@DuncanAviation.com

John Spellmeyer: +1 316-214-8867 or email John.Spellmeyer@DuncanAviation.com

For more information on the ACA air purification system, watch the Duncan Aviation Straight Talk webinar, “Sorting Through The Facts Of COVID-19 & Ionization Systems,” featuring epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Sippy (https://www.duncanaviation.aero/resources/straight-talk/sorting-through-the-facts-of-covid-19-and-ionization-systems).