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BendixKing RDR-2000 to RDR2060 Weather Radar Upgrade Program

June 2020

RDR-2000-396x232BendixKing issued a bulletin HSB 2020BK-05 on February 17, 2020, detailing the RDR2060 weather radar upgrade. The RDR2060 upgrade converts ART2000 P/N 071-01519-0101 to ART2100 P/N 071-01550-0201. This new ART 2100 system fits and operates in the same space and uses identical mounting as the RDR2000 systems receiver/transmitter (ART2000). A compatible display system is required to take advantage of all the additional features of the ART upgrade.

The RDR 2000/2060/2100 systems consists of the antenna/receiver/transmitter (ART), the system antenna, the configuration module and a radar indicator or MFD (Multi­Function Display).

The following Radar Indicators and MFDs are capable of displaying the additional features.

  • IN-862A/B
  • EFIS 40/50
  • KMD 850
  • KSN770/765 (except Auto Step Scan)
  • AeroNav/IFD

The RDR2060 upgrade requires the ART 2000 unit:

  • To be in repairable condition
  • To have the Mod 3 incorporated before the upgrade.

In addition to the magnetron and software upgrade, this bulletin incorporates Mods 1-13, if not complied with already.

Benefits of upgrade:

  1. Extends weather detection with an increased transmitter power
  2. Enhances safety with Automatic Range Limiting feature
  3. Increased situational awareness with sector scans and auto step scan features.
  4. Hands-free pilot feature with antenna position auto tilt.

Duncan Aviation is a BendixKing Elite Repair Partner. To schedule your RDR2060 upgrade, contact a Duncan Aviation Customer Account Rep at 800.562.6377.