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Bombardier Challenger 300 Phase-In HSTA Restoration

August 2023

GSE Tooling for Challenger HSTABombardier recently revised Advisory Wire AW300-27-0406 regarding the TLMC (Time Limit Maintenance Checks) CMR (Certification Maintenance Requirement) TASK 27-40-00-108 for the restoration of the HSTA (horizontal stabilizer trim actuator).

Because of the limited inventory of available spares, Bombardier has implemented a dedicated phased-in approach with advanced planning required.

The due date for compliance is determined by the amount of time between the original date of manufacture of the HSTA** and February 2, 2022, the original date the TLMC was introduced.

Time Between Original Manufacture Date and 02/02/22 Due Date
14 years or more July 31, 2023
Between 12-14 years January 31, 2024
Between 10-12 years January 31, 2025
Between 8-10 years January 31, 2026
Between 6-8 years January 31, 2027

**If Chapter 5 Task 27-41-05-101 (HSTA upgrade) or Chapter 5 Task 27-40-00-104 (HSTA overhaul) have been completed previously, the date of the upgrade or overhaul replaces the HSTA manufacture date when determining the restoration due date.

Do not schedule TASK 27-40-00-108 without coordinating with Bombardier’s ISIT (In-Service Implementation Team) at a minimum of three months in advance.

To help with planning and determining phase-in dates, you can reference MOOG SIL (Service Information Letter) C47100-SIL-01. This SIL is available on the Bombardier customer portal library and lists part numbers/serial numbers along with the original delivery date for each HSTA. It also provides the dates that each HSTA was returned in inventory after the upgrade from Chapter 5 Task 27-41-05-101.

Duncan Aviation is a Bombardier Challenger Authorized Service Facility and owns all of the required GSE tooling for the removal and installation of the HSTA.